Bitcoin to credit card exchanger. Sell Bitcoins for virtual credit cards.
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"The first automated Bitcoin to Virtual Credit Card exchanger."

What is this service?

We are offering virtual credit cards in exchange for Bitcoins. This service is fully automated and is available to you 24/7.

What is a virtual credit card?

It is a fully functioning credit card without the physical plastic card. We deliver the card number, expiry, and other relevent details to you electronically and instantly for Bitcoins. It is used to make purchases where a physical plastic card isn't required such as online and telephone purchases.

Can the cards be used for online and telephone purchases?


Are the cards reloadable?

No, not at this time.

Do they work with PayPal?


Who is the issuer? / Where are the banks located that handle these cards?

Bitcoin2CC is the issuer. The banks we use are located in Canada.

What currency are the cards denominated in?

Due to banking regulations the cards must be denominated in Canadian Dollars. View the Canadian to US Dollar exchange rate here.

How do I check the balance of my card? / How do I activate the card? / How do I set the name/address on the card for online/telephone use?

Due to the fact that we use more than one bank these details are revealed after your purchase has been made.

When do the cards expire?

The $25 and $50 cards expire one year from the activation date. The $100 cards expire two years from the activation date.

Can the cards accept refunds from online merchants?

Yes. It can take as long as 7-10 business days for refunds to show up on the card's balance. Refunds can not exceed the card's original balance.

Can I return the remaining credit to you for Bitcoins later on? / I haven't used the card, can I return it?

Because the card can be spent anywhere is accepted, there is never a need for a refund.

I've lost my virtual card details. How can I get them back?

To protect our users' privacy and to safeguard their funds, it's not possible for us look up card numbers. Be sure that you keep your virtual card's information in a safe place.

How do I order one?

Click "Purchase" on the front page of this site and follow the instructions.

Is this site accessible from any other networks?

Yes. You can also access this site from TOR or I2P.

Who are you? / How do I contact you?

I'm The Madhatter (from the Bitcoin forums; username: madhatter2). PGP is highly recommended. My PGP key is available here.

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